Our Partners

Conduitology: the study of being a conduit; becoming a person through whom the Holy Spirit blesses others

DFEA has been in existence since 2004. Through the years, God has blessed us greatly, and we believe He continues to bless us so we can bless others. Many people pray for us and support us financially because they trust us and what we are trying to accomplish for the glory of God.

Here are some of the ministries and causes we support financially:


Full-Time Missionaries

DFEA currently supports full-time missionaries in Peru, the Middle East, and a pastor and his family who are church planters in Seattle, Washington. Additionally, we have and will continue to support ministries in South Asia, whom Danny visits as often as possible to help encourage and equip their leaders and volunteers. DFEA also recently started giving monthly support to the ministry Ascend Outdoor Adventures, headed by Jason Mann.

DFEA has also pledged financial support to Bible Seminary Bonn in Bonn, Germany, led by president Heinrich Derksen.

In June 2019, Pastor Danny traveled to Vicenza, Italy, and DFEA is now also supporting Glace Community Church in Vicenza, led by Pastor Leland Stephens. This church primarily ministers to US Military personnel stationed in Vicenza , their families, and the surrounding community.

Short-Term Missions

DFEA is often asked to support individuals going on short-term mission trips. We are grateful to have been able to do this many times in the past, and we hope to continue doing this in greater frequency into the future, as God provides.

Alpha International Ministries (AIM)

DFEA has supported AIM and our good friend, Finny Mathews, for several years, and we will continue to do so into the future. We believe in Finny; he is the real deal. We also send monthly support to a child in Nepal through Finny's child sponsorship program, led by his daughter Deborah.

Compassion International

DFEA also supports a child in Peru through monthly contributions to Compassion International.

Widows' Ministry

For several years, DFEA has made monthly contributions to Guidestone's Widow's ministry, Mission: Dignity - Assisting Retired Ministers and Spouses.

Counseling Ministry

DFEA is proud to support Global Care & Response, with counselor Kyle Miller. Kyle is a good friend and one of the best counselors in the world.

The Persecuted Church

DFEA has long supported and will continue to support Open Doors USA, an excellent ministry that helps serve the persecuted church all over the world.

Disaster Relief

DFEA enjoys sending financial contributions and physical aid for emergency needs that arise due to disasters around the globe. In 2017, Danny and Ashley traveled to Port Arthur, TX, to serve those who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey.